Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Illiteracy poor country

 Is a curse. Illiteracy often brings ignorance and ignorance is similar to darkness on other hand literacy is compared to light. A literate man is enlightened with knowledge and skill. An illiterate man is not aware of modern method of cultivation, health and sanitation and as such he does not know how to increase production. Education is the back bone of a nation. Without education, no nation can develop. It is only education through which human beings can be turned into resource. In the modern world, education is the only precondition to achieve prestige and prosperity. The western people have developed themselves by dint of their scientific knowledge and education. It is necessary for us to make all out efforts to raise the percentage of literate people as early as possible. Other wise all our attempts for development will end in smoke.  Of course, it is not at all impossible to achieve the target because many countries which were once very backward in education have become successful in making their cent percent people educated. For example, Russia and china have come out successful in removing illiteracy from their countries. The main obstacle to make our people educated is poverty. Many children go to work and earn money at their early age instead of going to school only because of poverty. The rate of drop outs is also high because of poverty. Many children in urban areas are compelled to work in mills, factories and workshops for earning their bread owing to abject poverty. They can not realize the importance of education. They are not aware of anything in the society. They are not conscious about their duties and responsibilities to the society as well as to the nation. The government has undertaken a massive programmed during the fourth five year plan to achieve the target of educating cent percent people of our country. One upazilla in each district has been selected where compulsory free primary education has been introduced .female education has been made free up to degree level. The female students have been awarded stipend of taka 150 each up to xii class. To encourage female education, 60 teachers at primary level are selected from female candidates on quota basis. The food for education program has been adopted. Now instead of food, money for education programmed has been introduced. If we open night schools for adults in all primary schools, high school, and all the teachers working there, our rate of illiteracy will increase quickly. We will soon get rid of the curse of illiteracy and ignorance. The pace of national development will be gee red up.

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